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  1. Sep 05,  · That is a good time for God to fill you with His heavenly vibrations to shut out the enemy’s planned attack against you. I remember someone telling me that she felt the presences of evil spirits in her house at night so she started to play worship music on her CD and the presence left.
  2. Album Info Nine Winds Records is proud to announce the release of The Sky His Own by Slumgum featuring Hugh Ragin. A homegrown favorite of the Los Angeles jazz scene, Slumgum has won acclaim for their electrifying performances and wildly imaginative original repertoire. On their new album, Slumgum is joined by virtuoso trumpeter Hugh Ragin.
  3. Vibrations. Before going further we must introduce the concept of vibrations, or frequencies as they are called.. All of existence can be viewed as a manifestation of energy and consciousness, functioning according to various laws or principles.
  4. Apr 11,  · Sue Taylor first started hearing it at night in A retired psychiatric nurse, Taylor lives in Roslin, Scotland, a small village seven miles outside of Edinburgh. “A thick, low hum,” is.
  5. Get moving, and your energy and vibration will rise. Find an active activity you enjoy and return to it on a consistent basis and your vibration will steadily lift and increase. 2. Meditate. Quiet your mind, breathe, and just be. Even if it's for just 10 minutes, meditation is a .
  6. Shared Under Creative Commons BY-SA Vibrations of the Soul. You may copy and distribute this material according to creative commons license and credit is given to the author and this website URL. Theme by Coran Foddering. Theme Scaffold by ThemeGrill.
  7. Nov 14,  · The Vibrations first recorded as the Jayhawks in and hit anonymously with "Peanut Butter" as the Marathons on Argo Records in ; so 20 songs may seem like a lot, but is hardly definitive of an 18 year recording career. Still, it's a good compilation for what it is. The CD is chock full of tracks from a lengthy stint with Checkers Records, starting with their debut there, "So Blue.
  8. how he came to know what he now holds to be the truth, and how, in his own life, he has demonstrated its value. For from mental and physical wreck and financial ruin, he wrought through its principles, perfect health, mental vigor and material prosperity. Mr. Atkinson, during the many years of his .

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