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  1. Bass tablature for Lean On Me (ver 3) by Withers Bill. Rated out of 5 by 2 users. Submitted by Flashbass on February 6, /5(2).
  2. But "Lean on Me" is not a documentary about the real Joe Clark. It is a fiction film about a character who is so troubled, obsessed and angry that the film is never able to say quite what it thinks of him. After the movie, neither are we.
  3. Apr 03,  · Bill Withers, who wrote and sang a string of soulful songs in the s that have stood the test of time, including “Lean On Me,” “Lovely Day” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” has died from.
  4. I play it when reading, when driving, when lonely, (makes me un-lonely, to know my angel, Danny is there for me to lean on him.)when i am not feeling up to beat, when i have a bad case of the blues, and just whenever i get a chance to put it agmoobidsoftpinniwallgopanancamul.coinfo song is by far the best song i've ever heard.I dont hear it much on the radio, so just a thought.
  5. “Lean On Me” Singer Bill Withers Has Died At 81 About “Lean on Me” 1 contributor It’s not often that a song works equally well as a Black Nationalism anthem and as an educational song for little.
  6. Jan 07,  · Lean on Me is an excellent read to encourage anyone dealing with the responsibility of caring for a love one with dementia or Alzheimer. In addition Pat's characters Tabitha and her sisters demonstrate how important the support of caregivers is to maintaining your sanity/5(70).
  7. Lean on Me Character Jack Type Passive Tier 4 Maximum Points 5 Skill Tree The Hero of This Story Minimum Level 15 Effect Increases Fire Rate for you and gives your Digi-Jacks a chance to fire a Bonus Corrosive Shot based on how high your Health is. Lean on Me is a tier 4 skill in Jack's The Hero of This Story skill tree. It increases fire rate by 7% per rank and gives Digi-Jacks a 7% chance Character: Jack.

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